Rabbi Arthur Segal




Rabbi Arthur Segal is available for mashpi’ah (spiritual guidance) both in person or via the telephone. He has helped countless people gain their full potential in life, breaking down limit setting barricades such as fears, ego issues, resentments, including addictions. He aids in one’s transformation via Jewish Spiritual Renewal.

Aside from his Semikah rabbinic ordination, Rabbi Doctor Arthur Segal has done post-doctoral studies in Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania. (Note: When rabbi does spiritual guidance, he is doing so in the role of spiritual rabbi, and not as a psychologist.

Rabbi Arthur Segal is also available for individual or group study, that is beyond what one finds at a typical synagogue. He will teach and help his talmidim (students) learn Talmud, Midrash, Kabballah’s Zohar, TaNaK, and many of our great texts such as Duties of the Heart, by R’Ibn Pakudah, or The Path of the Just, by the Ramchal.

This can be done in person, joining an on going class, or individually, face-to-face, or via telephone.

Rabbi Arthur Segal will also prepare and teach one for conversion to Judaism with the final steps, being done with a Bet Din ( a Jewish Court of Three), in his home town of Hilton Head Island, SC, with a moving traditional ceremony using the pristine Atlantic Ocean as the mikvah.

One can decide to have a Destination Conversion and Joyous Occasion, (Simcha) by inviting family and friends. Study is a minimum of one year or more, depending on one’s pre-existing knowledge.

Rabbi Arthur Segal also has a free on-line class always on some aspect of Jewish Spiritual Renewal, now studying Derek Eretz, how we live with our fellows in peace. Please follow this link: Subscribe to the Rabbi Arthur Segal Jewish Spiritual Renewal mailing list.

Rabbi Arthur Segal looks forward to helping anyone at the level they with which they are comfortable.